Condo Stamps - Magnet

No moose, mountains, or prairie pond hockey on these stamps.


Whenever we display a stack of Graham Falk's condo stamps at a book fair, one or two people inevitably pick up a set, saying, "Ah. Stamps. Good." We gently point out that these are not, in fact, Real Stamps. They are, however, Real Canada.

Which is to say that apartment towers at the edge of the freeway are far more expressive of the average Canadian's daily view than the moose, mountains, loons and pond hockey games beloved of Canada Post (and us too - we admit it). Cynical? The tempting answer is yes, very - until you glance at the light lines and deft colours of Graham's illustrations.

And then you realize that even apartment towers at the edge of the freeway can be beautiful and uplifting too.