Dumagrad on Amazon Prime

Apr 05, 2017

The Man Who Remembered the Moon started life as a Kindle ebook, and was quickly picked up as a Kindle Single - a curated selection of shorter Kindle reads run by some real book-lovers. Our confounding little tale has hovered in and out of the Top 100 over the past year.

Now Amazon has cast its spotlight on David Hull's novella again, this time by including it in another tightly-curated selection: Prime Reading. Prime Reading offers a rotating selection of about a thousand kindle editions free to Amazon Prime members across all Kindle-enabled platforms.

Dumagrad is honoured and delighted to have one of our titles included alongside books by Many Famous Authors. If you're a Prime member, you'll find The Man Who Remembered the Moon at amazon.com for the next month or two.

You might also notice that used copies of the print edition are going for $49.98 (as of press time). While this, too, is flattering, we should point out that brand new first edition/first printing copies are still available, whether via amazon or directly from Dumagrad.