Valerie Buhagiar - It's Hard To Be Human

Jan 20, 2018

Dumagrad Books/City of Words is pleased to announce that we will be publishing Valerie Buhagiar's It's Hard To Be Human in Spring 2018.

The book comprises the screenplay for Buhagiar's film of the same name, plus 72 colour stills, an interview, director's notes, and more. A free adaptation of Strindberg's A Dream Play, It's Hard To Be Human is the visceral experience of Agnes, God's daughter, in the liminal place before death.

Agnes is an 18-year-old delinquent who just can’t figure out the point of it all – life on earth. Her brother, Oscar, is a cop. Her Father (God) is a sexed-up, torn husband and a video director. Her Mother self-medicates and lives to die. Peter, her best friend, is an addict and a poet. Larry, her lover, strives for duty, marriage and the norm, because that’s where his happiness is. And then there’s Victoria, a stunning Botticelli spirit who emanates heaven but once she is seduced by Agnes’ dark spirit, Victoria walks the streets with a damaged halo.